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Travel Kits

Penina's Clinic in North London can provide you with a kit to suit all your travel requirements.


Our handy travel-sized kits

Variety of Penina travel kit products

You invest a lot of time and energy creating the perfect skincare regime – but you don’t need to take everything with you when you travel, thanks to our handy travel-sized kits.

Penina’s travel kit

Penina’s travel kit is essential for any skincare fanatics looking to avoid airport stress and unnecessary excess baggage charges by shrinking their toiletry bag. There is no need to mess around with refillable cosmetic bottles, as Penina’s Travel Kit is the perfect accessory for all your travel needs. An attractive travel bag comes complete with cleanser, toner, and cream, suitable for all skin types.


spf2050 serum
Penina eye treatments

Look your best at all times

Ensure your make-up and beauty accessories are at hand wherever you are when you travel, to make sure you look your best at all times. The bottle sizes are all 30ml, which meet travel requirements, and you can sail through airport security.

Luxury travel bag

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Each luxury travel bag contains 3 products which are suitable for all skin types:

  • Sensitive Cleanser - will deeply cleanse your skin without causing any irritation

  • Rose Toner – a soothing toner suitable for all skin types that refreshes even the most tired skin

  • Vitamin E Cream - A multi-functional facial cream that protects, seals and soothes the skin

  • It can also be used on any problematic dry areas of the skin such as hands, knees and feet.

Are you dreaming of travel?
Call Penina's Clinic in North London to make sure you can still take care of your skin when you’re away from home. We also provide a range of treatments, plus gift certificates.
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