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Choose Penina's Clinic in North London for an excellent range of cleansers.

Cleansers products

Skin nirvana

Penina sensitive cleanser

Cleansing is the cornerstone of any good skincare regimen – find yourself the perfect cleanser and you’re on your way to skin nirvana.

Cleansers for oily skin

Our cleansers for oily skin are formulated to gently, yet thoroughly and effectively, remove impurities and excess oil, leaving the skin clean, radiant and refreshed without being harsh to your skin. An effective cleansing regime is an essential first step for controlling the effects of oily skin, such as excess shine and blemishes. Our expertly formulated cleansers will help you reduce the occurrence of blackheads and breakouts.


Penina foaming cleanser
three cleansers

Cleansers for dry skin

Our dry skin cleansers are gentle and hydrating cleansers that helps to restore and maintain skin moisture, leaving it soft and luminous. Our dry skin cleansers will gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, and our meticulously formulated products will replenish lost moisture and help to keep it feeling wonderfully hydrated without being greasy.

Penina’s Sensitive Skin Solutions

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Penina’s Sensitive Skin Solutions soothes, calms, hydrates, repairs and protects the skin, thus restoring and reviving its appearance, making you look your best. Soothing and hydrating, our cleansers will deeply cleanse your sensitive skin without causing any irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find the right skincare for you, but at Penina’s Clinic, you will find the perfect skincare system for you.

Are you looking for the perfect start to your skincare regime?
Contact Penina's Clinic in North London for your ideal cleanser. If you need moisturisers and toners, we have those too.
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