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Dry skin solutions

Penina's Clinic in North London has all the answers to your dry skin questions.

The perfect dry skin solution

Dry skin solution

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and can cause your skin to look dull and tired. Call us to find the perfect dry skin solution.

Specially formulated

Penina’s dry skin solutions have been specially formulated to help treat dry flaky skin conditions. When used as directed, the moisture balance of your skin will be restored, leaving it hydrated and energised. For anyone who suffers from tight, parched, and uncomfortable skin, look no further than Penina’s dry skin solution products – an expertly formulated combination of vitamins and minerals designed to protect your skin and make it beautifully supple.


Penina dry skin products

Expertise and knowledge

It can seem nearly impossible to find the ideal product to treat your dry skin – either it’s not rich enough and your skin still feels uncomfortable dry and tight, or it’s too rich and sits greasily on the surface of your skin. It’s also hard to find the right product to provide a good base for your make-up. Fortunately, at Penina’s Clinic in North London, we have all the expertise and knowledge to formulate your ideal dry skin solution.

Soft, smooth and comfortable

Client Experience Award 2022

Penina’s dry skin solution will absorb readily into your thirsty skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. It will provide a superb base for your make-up, helping it to look great and last longer. Finding the right products for your skin is a real game-changer – why not make that investment today?

Do you wish to alleviate your dry skin?
Find the right solutions at Penina's Clinic in North London. We also have treatments for sensitive and oily skin.
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