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Specialised skincare for dry skin

Penina's Clinic in North London has all the answers to your dry skin woes.

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The perfect dry skin solution

Penina Super Hydrating Lotion

​Dry skin is not only uncomfortable but can cause your complexion to look dull and tired. We're here to help change that, with oils, cleansers and lotions to tackle the root cause of the issue head on. 

Specially formulated

Penina’s dry skin solutions have been specially formulated to help treat dry, flaky skin conditions. When used as directed, this range works to restore balance and promote moisture levels, leaving your skin hydrated and energised. For anyone who suffers from tight, parched, and uncomfortable skin, the combination of vitamins and minerals will also work to protect your skin's barrier, for results that last.

Vitaminic Oil
Penina dry skin products

Your concerns considered

It can seem nearly impossible to find the ideal product to treat dry skin. We often find products that are not rich enough, leaving skin feeling tight, or those that are too rich, leaving a greasy residue on the skin's surface. Fortunately, our dry skin range considers over 40 years of client feedback and research for balanced, effective skincare. 

Soft, smooth and comfortable

Client Experience Award 2022

Penina’s dry skin solutions absorb readily into thirsty skin, for instant smoothness and hydration. As well as managing problems with dryness, our creams and lotions also provide a superb base for make-up, allowing you to create flawless looks that last the entire day. Simply shop now or contact us for product support. 

Do you wish to alleviate your dry skin?
Find the right solutions at Penina's Clinic in North London. We also have treatments for sensitive and oily skin.
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