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About us

At Penina's Clinic in North London, we can help you bring out the best in your skin.

Introducing Penina's Clinic

Penina's reception

Since becoming the head of the London Academy of Health and Beauty and Penina’s Clinic, Penina initiated the implementation of her motto “empowering people through informed choice.” Penina strongly believes that therapists should have a much greater in-depth knowledge, extensive comprehensive skills and confidence in the treatments and products that they are using. Similarly, clientele should have an in-depth, informed choice of treatments and products - the benefits, functions, ingredients and how it affects their skin.

Empowering people

We believe in empowering people through informed choice. Realising the difficulty in implementing all of her ideas, Penina embarked on producing her own brand of pure performance skincare that targeted skin fitness and skin renewal treatments.

Penina’s goal was to optimise skin health through evidence-based skincare ingredients, utilising her experience of over 30 years and her knowledge in their development.


The results were simply outstanding. Since its introduction into the Clinic and her ex-students’ clinics, Penina’s Skincare range has quickly established a reputation for quality and excellence.

Penina Clinic team
Penina's clinic

Skin fitness

Throughout her 40 years' experience in the educational, aesthetic, and cosmetic field, Penina has used the London Academy of Health & Beauty and Penina’s Clinic students and clients feedback to improve and enhance aesthetic and skincare treatments and products.

Working with various skincare brands, Penina catalogued clientele feedback, reaction, and opinion as well as which ingredients worked best with each skin type, using particular ingredients for specific skin conditions.


Her main objective was to create a “skin fitness” regime for her clientele, where results mattered.

Once Penina had targeted the need, she tailored the treatment to treat the condition, optimising maximum benefits from the product. In the Clinic and Academy it was the results that mattered, so much so that clients attending Penina’s Clinic came for more than just a facial. They came for advice and information as can be seen from the many testimonies.


Clients became aware not only of the benefits of their treatments, but also the effects that the active skincare ingredients had on their skin. What was a challenge thirty years ago has become an achievement.

Award Winning Beauty Services

Client Experience Award 2022

Penina’s doctrine and methods have produced a multitude of awards from the beauty industry. Well-known “skincare houses” recognised her in-depth knowledge and input and regularly ask for her input on their future developments. She has won the following awards:

  • LPG Salon of Excellence

  • Collin Distinction for Excellence

  • Murad Salon of Excellence

  • Collin Outstanding Achievement

  • Bio-Therapeutic Salon of Excellence

  • Collin Business Excellence

Award of achievement
Award of excellence
Penina certificate
Salon of excellence
Award of distinction
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