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Age defying solutions

You can find the skincare that’s right for you at Penina's Clinic in North London.

The best choice for your skin

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There are so many varieties of skin creams out there – trust us to advise you on the best choice for your skin.

Revitalising creams for your skin

Penina’s age defying cream solutions use a variety of unique formulas to give your skin an entirely new lease of life by restoring its elasticity and reducing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles – to help you achieve smooth, baby-fresh, soft skin.


Penina’s age defying cream solutions are a must for anyone looking to protect their skin, restore its moisture balance and provide a smoother surface for make-up application.


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Empower you with informed choice

Our mission here at Penina’s Skincare is to “Empower you with informed choice”. We have spent many years treating our customers skin and listening to feedback from them as well as our students at our Clinic and Academy (The London Academy of Health and Beauty).

Over 30 years’ experience

Client experience award 2022

With over 30 years’ experience, Penina can provide knowledgeable and caring advice on the best solutions for your skin, whether it is too oily, too dry, or has scarring from acne or chicken pox. If you are looking to revitalise tired, dry skin, we have the ideal products and treatments for that too.

Do you wish to have great looking skin?
Penina's Clinic in North London has everything you need, including gift certificates and travel kits.
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