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Mature skin solutions

Find mature skin solutions at Penina's Clinic in North London.

mature skin solutions

Optimise and revitalise

Beautifying Serum

Our expertly formulated skincare products, specifically designed to combat mature skin conditions, will enable you to optimise and revitalise your skin.

Penina’s mature skincare solutions

Penina’s mature skincare solutions are perfect for combating the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration in the skin caused by aging. Although aging skin is perfectly natural, re-energising it to something like its former glory without the right care and products by your side can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating.


Penina revitalising serums

Stimulate and invigorate your skin

By including Penina’s mature skincare solutions into your routine, you can instil a more youthful look back into your skin through a unique combination of serums, oils, creams and toners that have been specially developed to recharge, stimulate and invigorate your skin leaving it with a more sumptuous, luxurious texture.

Top of the range in quality and performance

Client experience Award 2022

How you look directly affects how you feel – your levels of motivation, energy, confidence and happiness. Make your skin look its radiant, glowing best with Penina’s mature skincare solutions range. Meticulously formulated with client feedback and the latest in scientific knowledge, you can be assured that all Penina’s skincare products are at the top of the range in quality and performance.

Are you seeking to revitalise your mature skin?
Call Penina's Clinic in North London for all your mature skin, dry skin and age defying solutions.
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