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Top quality moisturisers at Penina's Clinic in North London.

The perfect moisturiser for your skin

Penina vitamin E cream

There are many varieties of moisturisers, able to deal with all different skin types and conditions. Let us help you choose the perfect moisturiser for your skin.

Penina’s moisturisers

Penina’s moisturisers are a must-have for anyone looking to protect their skin from the ravages of the environment, keep their skin gorgeously soft and supple, and provide it with revitalising nutrients. As well as being the perfect remedy for sensitive skin on your face, Penina’s moisturisers can also protect other places of concern on your skin, like your hands, knees, and feet.

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Penina Vitaminic Diamond Cream

Superbly effective at combating dry, tight skin

The concentration of soothing ingredients in Penina’s moisturising products makes them an essential part of any fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are also superbly effective at combating dry, tight skin, and forming a barrier against pollutants in the atmosphere. Their protective and smoothing properties helps to soothe the most reactive skins and protect them from external factors, whilst helping the skin to regain its moisture and tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Amazing results

Client experience award

Moisturisers are also an essential part of a beauty regime if you have oily skin – such as the Chamomile Smoothing Cream, which is an excellent calming cream formulated with chamomile, plant collagen and provitamin B5 to help calm, soothe and alleviate skin irritation. When your skin looks and feels great, so do you. The combination of ingredients in this soothing cream complement each other to give you amazing results, and help restore not only your skin, but your confidence too.

Are you looking for an effective moisturiser?
Call Penina's Clinic in North London to find the ideal moisturiser for your skin. We also have cleansers and serums.
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