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Toner – an unsung hero

rose toner

Toner isn’t always appreciated, yet it performs a vital step in good quality skincare. Find your ideal toner at Penina’s Clinic.

Penina’s toner

Penina’s toner is ideal for hydrating and stimulating your skin. The unsung hero of the skincare world, toner is a product with a liquid consistency that’s used in tandem with your cleanser and moisturiser as it removes dirt, debris, and dead skin from your face, enhancing the effect of the other products you use. Penina’s toner is a must-have for removing the unwanted remnants left by your cleanser, priming it for moisturisation.

Penina hydro toner
two toners

Toner for sensitive to normal skin

We have three toners available to suit all skin types, and our toner for sensitive to normal skin is stimulating and hydrating and will gently remove excess impurities from the skin surface. Toners will remove all the remaining traces of make-up and excess cleanser from your face, and will refresh your skin and help retain its balance. Even sensitive skin will benefit from regular usage of a good toner, which will soothe and help restore the skin’s moisture levels.

Toners for oily skin and for all skin types

client experience award

A toner for normal to oily skin is also available from Penina’s Clinic. The Hydro Toner is great to use and enriched with aloe and chamomile, it is very soothing and refreshing when you have just cleansed, waxed or tweezed your face. Also perfect to refresh and revitalise your skin, especially after waxing or tweezing, is our popular Rose Toner. Containing aloe and chamomile, it will soothe and refresh your skin, and is suitable for all skin types.

Are you looking for the perfect toner for your skincare regime?
Call Penina's Clinic in North London today. We also offer eye treatments and moisturisers.
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