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light therapy

LED Light Therapy

Transform your skin through the power of light. Learn more about this innovative, gentle and painless treatment with Penina's Clinic in London, focussed skincare to tackle acne, sun damage, psoriasis, and more.

Dermalux™ LED - your way to revitalised skin

Introducing Dermalux™ LED Light Therapy, the non-invasive facial treatment that has taken the world by storm. ​Utilising three clinically proven light wavelengths, this technology works to soothe problem skin and restore radiance without causing further pain or irritation. 

Red light - used to boost fibroblast activity for increased collagen production, whilst supporting healing. 

Infrared light - to reduce inflammation and target the signs of ageing and skin damage. 

Blue light - to destroy harmful bacteria, a must for acne-prone skin. 

Treatment room with purple light


dermalux before


dermalux after


before dermalux treatment


after dermalux treatment

Reversing the signs of problem skin

client experience award

An industry recommended solution for a range of skin complaints, LED Light Therapy works to accelerate healing and support your journey to healthier skin. We recommend this treatment to manage:

  • Problems with pigmentation

  • Rosacea and redness

  • Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

  • Acne, wounds and scarring

  • Sun and environmental damage 

  • Inflammatory conditions 

  • Sensitivity 

Book your LED Light Therapy facial and enjoy radiant, healthy skin.
To learn more, contact the specialists at Penina's Clinic or explore our range of skincare products to enhance your regime even further.
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