Make-up Treatments

A professional make-up treatment is a refreshing change and a great confidence booster!

Using our very own range of Penina Skincare Make Up, you can treat yourself to flawless picture perfect finish for your special occasion. We also offer lessons that will help you update your make-up skills and offer you some tricks of the trade along the way.

All of our treatments are adapted to suit the individual and we take great care to ensure that you are comfortable with the result. We are happy to assist you in choosing Penina Skincare products and colours that are perfect for you, advise you on which brushes to use and help you determine the perfect cleanse, tone and moisturising routine for your skin.

Makeup is a fun way to enhance your best features and make you look beautiful. Whether you are going on a big date or just spending a day running errands, make up makes you look and feel glamorous. There are so many different colours and products on the market, you can achieve a variety of looks for both day and evening.

What is the difference between day and evening makeup? Well, when applying makeup, you always need to take into consideration the amount of light you will be exposed to. The more light that will be in your environment, the more subtle your makeup needs to be or else you will end up looking overdressed.

Day makeup needs to be subtle and balanced. Neutral shades work best because they are subtle yet still define and enhance your features. If you have a feature you would like to focus on, you can wear colours that are a little bolder. Just remember not to overdo it. For example, black eyeliner is a great way to enhance your eyes, as long as you apply it with a light touch and keep the rest of our eye makeup more subtle. If the line is too thick or too dark, natural sunlight of florescent lights will make your eye makeup look thick and artificial.

Evening makeup can be more dramatic, especially if you are attending a party or function where the lights will be dim. Don’t be afraid to wear bold colours and experiment with new products. If you love to wear the latest makeup trends, this is the best time to wear them. Pick your best feature and wear the boldest colours. If you love your eyes, wear two coats of mascara and bold eyeliner. Your evening lipstick shade can also be bolder than your daytime lipstick shade.

However, even though you can wear darker colours and a more dramatic look in the evening, it is possible to overdo. Day makeup and evening makeup differ because you can wear bolder colours and a more dramatic makeup look in the evening. If you need help choosing colours and looks for different occasions, consult with a makeup artist or other expert for advice.

Special Occasion Make up

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want to make that extra bit of effort, then why not have your make-up professionally applied. Whether it’s a wedding you’re going to, occasion or party it’s always nice to spoil yourself and get that professional finish.

Wedding Make up

Don’t want the stress of having to apply or worry about your make-up on your special day, then why not let us do it for you.

A wedding make-up trial is needed 1-2 months before your wedding day, during this trial we will look at different colours and styles you would like. Our therapist will advise you on colours and finishes that look best for your skin and in photos. This really is the experimental time to make sure we get it just right for your big day. The therapist will keep a record of everything that is agreed, so on the day it’s only a matter of applying your perfect make-up. Mother of the bride and bridesmaids make-up also available- trial is optional.

Make up Lesson

Want to learn new techniques and what colours you should be wearing? Then why not treat yourself to a make-up lesson. In this 1 hour treatment you’ll be advised by our therapist to what suits you and your skin tone, you’ll be shown techniques on how to apply your make-up and be able to try new colours and different brands of make-up. So if you’re looking for a change or you just want to improve what’s already in your make-up bag then a make-up lesson is the treat for you.

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