At Penina’s Clinic, we use the very latest, most advanced electrolysis equipment.

A safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from the face & body. To ensure the ultimate hygiene, we only use 24 carat gold plated or insulated disposable needles.

Permanent Hair Removal - Faster Results - Exceptional Comfort

Today, electrolysis is still the only method to permanently eliminate hair. This technique involves inserting a filament into the hair follicle all the way to the bulb. An electrical current is then applied which destroys the cells that cause hair growth. Thermolysis techniques are the most frequently used because they are quick and work on all types of hair regardless of their phase. Other methods, called Blend, combine this electro-coagulation with a direct (galvanic) current to produce a chemical destruction. They require longer application, but are very effective against strong and distorted hairs. To use the Blend, however, the hair must absolutely be in the anagen phase because the galvanic current requires maximum hydration to create the chemical reaction (caustic soda) that will destroy the germinal cells.

Today, electrolysis is very comfortable thanks to improvements in the apparatus, which are more powerful and produce very fast current (in thousandths of a second). Additionally, with the ultrarapid frequency of 27 MHz, available on Apilus devices, the current can hardly be felt. This frequency, twice as fast as other hair removers on the market, makes electrolysis accessible to all because of the greater comfort offered. If you want a 100% effective and permanent hair removal treatment, opt for electrolysis. This technique developed 130 years ago has managed to adapt to and benefit from the most advanced technologies.

How does Advance Electrolysis work?

Apilus Xcell Pro – With its’ unique technology and faster results the Apilus xCell uses the unique and ultra-rapid 27.12 MHz radio frequency to destroy all hair types. Because its power is greater and its frequency is up to 6 times faster than any other epilator it optimizes energy concentration in the hair follicle thus obtaining much faster results.

Exceptional comfort

The Apilus xCell offers a level of comfort never matched in permanent hair removal. It is so rapid that the sensation is barely perceptible. Just a few thousandths of a second suffice to eliminate the hair. With such a high level of comfort it is the ideal solution for all areas of the body and face as well as for all types of clients, even the most sensitive.

Electroepilation: how many hours of treatment are necessary?

This is a question that gets asked time and time again, but to which it is very hard to give a precise answer. Indeed, we do not claim to have the ability to determine in advance the duration of a complete electroepilation treatment for every client and every region; the evaluation is always approximate, because many factors directly influence treatment planification.

Factors to evaluate

The electrologist has to consider many elements in order to be able to estimate the total duration of a treatment:

  • work technique, modalities and parameters used
  • device and probe used
  • hormones
  • medication
  • hair density and region
  • time between treatments and client assiduity

Moreover, the duration of each electroepilation session is conditioned by the period during which it is performed, whether it is cleansing, control or maintenance, and by the following factors:

  • size of the area to treat
  • skin sensitivity
  • client tolerance level
  • availability of the client

Elevate Your Confidence

Many people find themselves wanting a permanent hair removal solution, and for many, unwanted hair can affect their self esteem and cause confidence issues in day to day life. Electrolysis paves the way for a comfortable and quick hair removal experience.

Advanced Electrolysis London

For those living in London asking themselves, “Where can I find advanced electrolysis near me?”, look no further than Penina’s Clinic. We specialise in electrolysis hair removal and pride ourselves in providing customers with one of the most effective yet comfortable solutions for removing hair in the London area.  If you’re looking for an Advanced Electrolysis London treatment, book in with us now.

Why choose Penina’s Clinic for Advanced Electrolysis?

Electrolysis Hair Removal treatment requires a skilled therapist who’s able to deliver a smooth, precise insertion into the follicle of the skin, without these skills the maximum effect of the treatment won’t be achieved. Penina has over 30 years in the beauty industry as well as a multitude of awards this has earned her the reputation of quality and excellence that she utilises in each and every Electrolysis treatment. 

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