Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Our latest Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal or IPL are the most effective methods for permanent hair reduction. It can be used to treat unwanted hair in all areas of the body. It is a popular treatment for full leg, underarm, full arms, bikini etc., requiring a various amount of treatments 4-8 weeks apart. Unfortunately, hair that has little or no pigment, such as blonde or white, will not be affected by the treatment however electrolysis will be a suitable treatment for it. These treatments are carried out in our Stoke Newington London Clinic.


Today, electrolysis is still the only method to permanently eliminate hair from all areas of the body. It is the most popular treatment for the face, i.e. eyebrows, upper lip, etc., as well for people with blond or white hair. Although it is a longer method when compared to IPL Laser it is nevertheless very popular as it is the only permanent hair removal method. Many factors influence hair growth, so you will need to return for several electrolysis visits. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person. Most clients return once a week or every other week as needed. But the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments is complete. For those of you looking for Advanced Electrolysis London, we have the latest Apilus Xcell Pro for Electrolysis treatments in our Stoke Newington London Clinic.


Waxing treatments are a cheaper option for those who can not afford IPL Laser or Electrolysis.  Wax is applied to an area to be treated and then removed with a strip. As it is not a permanent method of hair removal the hair will always re-grow.

A Range of Treatments

At Penina’s clinic we offer a range of different hair removal treatments, so we have something for everyone, whether you’re wanting permanent hair removal such as IPL or Electrolysis, or a classic wax.

Laser & IPL Hair Removal

Laser & IPL Hair Removal


Waxing Treatments

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